Dermatology & Urology

Day one: Dermatology

  • Understand the steps involved in dermatologic examination in cats and dogs
  • Describe dermatologic manifestations of systemic disease
  • List and understand the techniques used for the laboratory investigation of skin disease and when they should be used
  • Describe a rational problem-solving approach to pruritus, its investigation and treatment
  • Describe a rational problem-solving approach to alopecia, its investigation and treatment
  • Recognise common presentations of bacterial, parasitic and fungal skin disease.

Speaker: David Shearer (BVetMed CertSAD PhD CBiol MRCVS)

Day two: Urology

  • Understand the commonly used diagnostic techniques involved in cases of urinary tract disease
  • Understand how to investigate urinary tract disease
  • Understand the common causes of urinary tract disease
  • Outline the management and treatment of common conditions affecting the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra in the dog and cat

(The module in Norway is approved for DNV Spesialistutdanning småsykdommer hund og katt)

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