Improve International is the world’s leading private provider of CPD, having trained over 20,000 veterinarians across 20 countries.

From short one or two-day courses to full modular Postgraduate Certificate programmes leading to recognised qualifications, our high-quality learning ensures we help you continue to drive your veterinary education and career forward to reduce referrals and keep revenue within your practice.

Transform your professional life and approach to clinical cases.



Modular Postgraduate Programmes 2019:

Diagnostic Imaging – Starting Date TBC. at the International Veterinary Academy, Denmark

This highly practical fourteen module programme brings together ultrasonography, radiology and CT/MRI in a series of interactive modules.

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Small Animal Surgery – Starting June 2019 at the International Veterinary Academy, Denmark

A two-year modular programme which is spread over 22 modules dividing into a soft-tissue component in year one and an orthopaedic/spinal component in year two.

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Small Animal Medicine – Starting September 2019 in Denmark

A two year modular programme covering all of the major body systems including twenty modules, five of which contain practical components.

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Modular Postgraduate Programmes:

The training and knowledge you will receive on our Postgraduate Modular Programmes provides the platform for you to transform your professional life and approach more complex cases in practice. Not only will you develop your skills in your chosen subject and be able to deal with cases much more confidently but you can also fit your learning around your busy schedule and work towards a recognised academic qualification, the General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) and or the Postgraduate Certificate (PgC).



Established in 2003, ESVPS is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing the entire veterinary team with high quality, achievable qualifications that are recognised worldwide. ESVPS accredits courses from global training providers such as Improve International, Evidensia and Scivac, and currently has over 3800 certificate holders worldwide.

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