Canine Neuro-rehabilitation and Neuro-facilitation

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Led by an experienced doctor of physical therapy and canine rehabilitation professional, this is a comprehensive course in the science and art of neurology and neuro-rehabilitation and integration of facilitation techniques and traditional therapeutic exercise and aquatic therapy in small animal neuro-rehabilitation. Discussion, demonstration, and active participation in the application of novel and functional treatment approaches and techniques, as well as progression of the neuro-rehabilitation plan, enhances the learning environment and allows the clinician to immediately utilize this knowledge and skill in the clinic. Review of challenging cases and modern research is integral to the course.

Day 1:  Oct 8, 2021 (0900-1700)

Neurology and NeuroRehabilitation Patient Management:  Evaluation and Treatment Planning, Implementation, and Progression

Functional Biomechanics for NeuroRehabilitation Patient Management

NeuroRehabilitation Considerations in Vestibular Disorders

Day 2:  Oct 9, 2021 (0900-1700)

Enhancing Functional Outcomes with Facilitation Techniques:  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and NeuroDevelopmental Treatment (NDT)

Sensory Approach to Tone Modulation and Functional Recovery in NeuroRehabilitation


Day 3:  Oct 10, 2021 (0900-1700)

The Integration of NeuroRehabilitation and Facilitation Techniques

A Motor Control Approach to Therapeutic Exercise in NeuroRehabilitation: Principles, Methods, and Techniques

Aquatic Therapy Principles, Methods, and Techniques for NeuroRehabilitation


Objectives for the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the participant will be able to:

-confidently utilize objective outcome measures in the evaluation of small animal neurorehabilitation patients.

-compliment traditional physiotherapy management of small animal neurorehabilitation patients with facilitation & sensory techniques for efficient & effective promotion of more independent functional mobility.

-utilize a motor control approach for improved quality and efficiency of neurorehabilitation patient management.

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