Cardiothoracic Medicine in dogs and cats

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Learning objectives of this course:

  • Perform a thorough cardiac and respiratory assessment of a patient through visual observation and clinical examination.
  • Record and interpret a diagnostic ECG.
  • List common ECG abnormalities seen in small animal practice.
  • Recognise and classify heart murmurs.
  • Describe options for investigating heart murmurs in both canine and feline patients according to age and presentation.
  • Outline treatment options for both acute and chronic heart failure.
  • Recall how to diagnose and treat a pericardial effusion in cats and dogs.
  • List possible causes of pleural effusions in cats and dogs.
  • Explain how to differentiate between upper and lower respiratory disease.
  • Stabilise an acutely dyspnoeic patient.
  • Compare and contrast causes of acute and chronic coughing in cats and dogs.
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