Cats need effective pain relief too

Cats need effective pain relief too CLICK HERE for more information

This course will cover the aetiology of both chronic and acute pain from a
practitioners point of view. What are the differences in assessing chronic
pain in dogs and cats? We will look at how the history, behaviour and
clinical examination differ between the two species. We will discuss
relevant therapies including non-pharmacological approaches.
Feline acute pain and feline pain assessment will be covered in depth.
What tools do we have and how do we practically manage feline pain?
What side effects do we get? How do we treat long term and what is best
for older cats? Why isn’t NSAIDs always the best solution?
Osteoarthritis in cats doesn’t present like in dogs and should not be
treated the same way. We will also include back pain, herniated discs,
neuropathic pain and other manifestations of chronic pain. What is the
relevant therapy and when?

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New dates! Course moved from April to November!

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