Diagnostic imaging of the thorax and abdomen

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These sessions will give you the necessary tools for confident
interpretation of abdominal and thoracic radiographs. You will also
gain insights into some highly useful and practical ultrasonographic
techniques. Case discussions exploring interpretation in emergency cases
will be included.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
– Describe appropriate radiographic technique and positioning.
– Evaluate and improve image quality.
– Recognise the normal radiographic appearance of the thorax.
– Identify different lung patterns.
– Recognise the normal radiographic appearance of the abdomen.
– Understand the strengths and weaknesses of radiography, contrast
radiography, ultrasonography and advanced modalities for imaging of
abdominal disease.
– Interpret radiographic changes seen with diseases in the thorax and
abdomen and be familiar with sonographic appearence of abdominal

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