Endontology (part I) and jaw fractures

(Only available for IVC Evidensia employees)

Endontology (part I):

  • Indications and contraindications
  • Different techniques for conventional endodontics
  • Filling material and equipment
  • Access to the rot canal (sigle rooted teeth)
  • Clearing and cleaning for the root canal
  • Techniques for filling the crown and root canal (single-rooted teeth)
  • Complications
  • Restaurations

Oral trauma and jaw fractures

  • Jaw fractures in upper and lower jaw (types, biomechanics, diagnostics, principles)
  • Closed and open reduction
  • Traumatic tooth injuries
  • Joint fractures (temporomandibular joint, symphysis)
  • Care of soft tissue injuries (jaw and face trauma)
  • Pharyngotomy

kr 29,000.00

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