Endontology (part II) and oral tumors

(Only available for IVC Evidensia employees)

Endontology (part II):

  • Access to the root canal (multi-rroted teeth)
  • Clearing and cleaning  of the root canal (multi-rooted teeth)
  • Techniques to fill the crown and root canal
  • Direct and indirect pulp capping
  • Obturative and restorative materials
  • Apicoectomy with retrograde obturation
  • Hemisection.

Oral tumors:

  • Oral tumors (types, classification, biologic appearence/development and staging
  • Pharyngotomy and elective tracheotomy
  • Hemostatis and acute complications (lig carotids, hemorrhage foramen/canal)
  • Mandibulectomy incl reconstruction (rostral, hemi, total…)
  • Maxillectomy incl reconstruction (rostral, hemi, total…)
  • Alternative treatment of oral tumors

kr 29,000.00

(Cirka 2,755.00 €) (exkl moms)