Practical Cardiology for Equine Practitioners


When confronted with horses affected by cardiac abnormalities many equine practitioners are intimidated and shy away from a cardiologic work-up.  This practically-oriented course is intended to help general equine practitioners identify common equine heart diseases and their impact on performance, safety and life expectancy.  Attendees will learn how to perform a thorough physical exam of the cardiovascular system and will be taught how to acquire and interpret a routine echocardiogram and ECG, crucial skills for equine practitioners to provide heart assessments in horses.  The expertise and extensive experience of the team of internationally renowned equine cardiologists, along with a relaxed atmosphere will encourage open and honest discussions and stimulate attendees to assimilate knowledge.

The 7 hours of hands-on auscultation, ECG and echocardiography wetlabs will be held in small groups and a further 2 hours will be devoted to case discussions.  At the beginning of the course attendees will furthermore be provided a few cases to work through which will then be discussed at the end of the course.  The following topics will be covered in well-illustrated lectures and case discussions in English (no translation, but with Swedish moderation):

  • Cardiac Auscultation – Murmurs & Arrhythmias
  • The Foundations of Equine Echocardiography
  • The Essentials of Doppler Echocardiography
  • Electrocardiography – Indications, Principles & Interpretation
  • Arrhythmias – Relevance & Treatment
  • Collapse & Sudden Cardiac Death
  • Interpretation of Cardiac Findings – Impact on Performance, Rider Safety & Life Expectancy
  • Cardiac Case-Discussions – Arrhythmias, Regurgitations, Shunts, etc.

The 7 hours of wetlab sessions will give attendees plenty of opportunity to further develop their echocardiography and ECG skills in small groups (max 4-6 attendees per instructor) on live horses with heart conditions, all under the supervision of the specialists. Each attendee will rotate through the following practical stations:

  • Auscultation of horses with heart conditions
  • Echocardiography of 5 horses with cardiac abnormalities in small groups (max. of 4-6 attendees per instructor)
  • Acquisition & interpretation of resting and exercising ECGS on live horses
  • Heart Murmurs & Arrhythmias PowerPoint Case-based Discussions

The course fee includes lunches at a restaurant, coffee/tea breaks, extensive electronic course notes and a certificate of attendance. Attendees can choose to only attend the lectures (= Lectures Only) on this course or can register for the entire course (= Lectures & Practical Sessions).  On the evening of the first day all attendees are invited to attend the wine & cheese reception. Early course registration is recommended as there are only limited number of places available due to the highly practical nature of this course.

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