Abdominal emergency surgery

This module is aimed for general practitioners who work in a practice with an emergency caseload and who would like to refresh their knowledge and gain valuable skills in the management of patients with abdominal emergencies.


Key Learning Objectives for this Module

  • Refresh the underlying principles of emergency management of patients with abdominal disease
  • Revise the surgical approaches for the most common abdominal emergencies
  • Revise and practice on cadavers the most commonly used abdominal emergency surgeries including gastropexy, resection and anastomosis, splenectomy and perineal hernia repair.
  • Revise the appropriate aftercare for patients with acute abdomen



For more information, please contact Chantal Kooyman (academy@evidensia.nl)


excl. BTW (inclusief digitale hand-out en notitie-materiaal)